Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Crap day #2

Well despite a visit with Vicky and Cindy in the morning for a play date, my day was still full of frustration. Davin was once again a fuss pot. I had to leave him screaming in his chair just so I could make Evan and I lunch, and that was after my sister told me to just do it! It was stressful but at least Evan was happy, which didn't add to further upset me.

I'm still not sure why he's suddenly grumpy these days. It could be he's got our cold since he's a little snarfly, or maybe he doesn't like baby dry pampers since we've been using swaddlers before now (I've changed that so I guess we'll see), it could also be growing pains. If this continues tomorrow and Friday morning I'm taking him to the Doctor to see if it's something hurting in his chest from the cold. The worst that could happen is Doc A telling me its fine right? He has such a busy office, I hate to take him in for no reason. I'm so used to being able to ask what's wrong, I'd forgotten how frustrating it can be with the guessing game. He's so different then Evan was, Evan was so easy! He ate 4 ounces every 4 hours. I could set my watch, plan my day, I knew what to expect. Well, until it changed that is. But Evan and I had a rhythm, a plan despite the changes that came with him getting older. With Davin every day seems to be different. Different bed time, different feeding amounts, different everything, every day and every night. I guess I really jinked myself when I said this baby would be the spawn of satin. I guess I should have knocked on wood every time I cracked that joke. Not that I truly feel that way, I mean I love Davin, but I could have chocked both kids today and yesterday.

What I do know as of right now is I'm done! No more after this, I don't think my sanity can take it. I'm dreading tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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