Friday, February 12, 2010

Thursday's weigh in

Another pound, yup 1 little pound but at least its a loss and not a gain.
I've gone through all the weight watchers stuff and compiled a grocery list to get the food I need to watch what I eat. All I have left to do is make some sort of chart on the computer to track my points etc. I figure between watching what I eat and doing my wii work outs I should see some numbers. I know it will be slow but I'm hoping to see some results. I guess we'll see if my will power will win, or I'll have to join some kind of weight loss program.
I did this when Evan was first born and did okay. I have less time on my hands to sit and snack so here's hoping I can make it work.
Guess we'll see.


  1. Hooray - a pound is a pound in the right direction and that's what matters right!! Well done :)

  2. YEA!! Congrats on your loss!! It may be slow but at least it's going down!! :)

  3. P.S - I don't like the way you have your comment thing set up ... I just don't know what I am suppost to post under? ?