Friday, February 5, 2010

Weight loss and sleepless nights

Well, I stepped on our scale for the first time in over 10 months. I was a little shocked, but also know the loss you see above really isn't true. The starting weight was from my doc office scale and the new number is from home. So either both scales are close to the same and I actually lost 6 pounds or the scales are off and I lost less then that. Either way screw it I'm going to take it! I also did my work out yesterday, today is a scheduled rest day. So that's 3 days of my 30 day challenge down. I'm liking these rest days! That's it on the weight loss front, now on to the mommie news.

The last 2 nights have been the roughest yet. Evan is running a rather nasty fever with a little cough. So the boys tag teamed me the last 2 nights. Thank goodness Earl got up with Evan at 5:30am on Thurs morning, then I had it out with Evan about wanting to go downstairs to play at 4:30am last night. Needless to say sick or not that was not going to happen. I gave him a few toys and told him to stay in his room till he heard Daddy's music come on. He came in and out making excuses of how not to stay in his room as instructed. He pretended to pee, wanted water, then wanted to sleep in our bed. I finally got him to sleep in his around 6:00am. I passed out as soon as my head hit my pillow. I was so exhausted I didn't even hear Evan and Earl get up this morning. Two hours of broken sleep isn't cutting it for this mom. Thank goodness for Earl and his understanding boss. On top of feeding Evan Advil to control his fever and hearing him cough periodically, I think I'm getting the cold too. I can feel the burn of coughs starting in my chest. It's just a little bug, nothing to be worried about. So far Davin just has some snarfles so here's hoping he doesn't develop this cough. If it hasn't passed by Monday Davin has his 6 week check so maybe I'll call and book all of us in at the same time. I guess we'll see where it goes the next couple of nights. Evan kept some food down (throw up because he was coughing), had a nap and seems to be doing a lot better this evening, so I'm sure it will have passed by Monday.

Pray for a restful sleep in the Potter house for me.
Have a great weekend ladies.

Note: official weigh in will be Mondays.

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