Wednesday, February 3, 2010

battle of the bulge begins

Well I set out last night to start my battle with the bulge once again. It didn't work out the way I had planed. The boys where crazy last night. Davin up twice and Evan once. So needless to say in my tired state I forgot to weigh in this morning. So I guess I'll weigh in tomorrow (if I remember) I may wait till Mon so I'm accountable for my weekend activities.

There are three things that did go right. I had a good healthy breakfast, and good healthy lunch, and I did my first work out on my Xmas Present. Yup that's right, I asked for a work out game for the Wii, and my lovely hubby delivered. Hey I know I'm fat, I wasn't offended at all, I was excited to get started! I've been itching to see what its all about for a month while I healed. He did the research and found the reviews of ea active the best, so that's what he got me. I have to say it was both challenging and fun! I was feeling the burn and had a good sweat on in the first 30 seconds! That's also keeping in mind I had to take it a little easy because of my unhealed tare, and that was on the easiest level!It makes it so easy to stick to an exercise program. You can build your own program with the fun sports games etc for a fun work out for the kids, or for a more serious effort you can take the 30 day challenge.

I know what your thinking, 30 days!!! Actually its easy. The game only works you out for 20 min and gives in rest days. So I work out tomarrow and take Friday off. There is 3 levels so you have at least 3 months of work outs, not to mention doing it over again. Who can remember that many combos! It tailors your activity according to your weight. Earl's work out was a little different from my own. I had an extra cardio session, and more deep leg work then he did. Then earl and I played some sports drills together and had a good time! Earl and I very rearly do things together as a couple and I have to say it was enjoyable. He wants to go get a second exercise band and leg cuff so we can work out together! I guess we'll see if he sticks with it, with me.

I give this game thus far 5 stars. Now I guess we'll see if I can keep up the challenge and get my 20 min in when I need too. If I can do it with my crazy life at the moment, plus my lack of sleep, any one can!

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