Monday, February 15, 2010

My thoughts

Since the Olympics started the live feed has rearly left our TV screen. Just the odd show for Evan while I must go do something important like make bottles or pee. Like always the TV during the day is just back round noise, but I have found myself glancing up and paying attention when the crowd really screams, that's how I know one of our athletes is on. I've been paying attention to the gold metal aspirations that up until last night didn't happen. I watched most of the men's and women's speed skating, a bronze won there, the ladies moguls with its silver medal moment. Both fab of course but not the gold moment Canada was waiting for.

The Earl and I where watching intently at the mogul men finals, since they are just fun to watch and as far as they where saying we had a good chance at gold...again. I have to say if Davin wasn't on my lap drinking a bottle I would have leaped out of my seat! What a moving moment. So touching and powerful. His older handy capped brother yelling, his little sister shocked and surprised. His mom and dad crying as the crowd around them cheered and chanted their son's name.
I also must give my thoughts on this historical moment. This is what was going through my mind besides the obvious thoughts above.

1. He seemed like a sweet guy from all his interviews. The announcer called him an old soul, I'm glad the nice guy got the prize.
2. I'm relieved he's pretty good looking because we're going to see a lot of him.

LOL yup that's it. Have a nice one ladies.

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